When I'm at home, my morning resume begins early.


With coffee made and the first sip tantalising and promising the comfort of breakfast. I open up my Ipad and it props in front of me while I eat my toast.

In a short time, I can view the most amazing photos online from photographers around the world.

 I read USA today, I check in with CNN and note the weather in the cities that are significant to me. I can read our local newspapers

I just worked out that Keith pays $480 a year to get the paper delivered 5 days a week… He can do it online much cheaper….!!!! but I don't think that's going to happen…

I now read magazines online. There it is in my red leather covered gem…. my Ipad and I carry it everywhere.

As a Creative form of expression my Ipad is tops… I draw in it, write on it…. read books and cross reference text books.

I read Selvedge…. I love this magazine and I have my paper copies out next to my chair at all times… but reading it on line I just click on a reference and I'm taken immediately to the Victorian and Albert or…. a significant area of expertise that I might never have bothered to look up.

It opens up a whole new world. Who would have imagined that we would have a device that keeps us in touch with the world while you are sitting on the couch, or in the airport… I've used mine (sneakily) at a boring meeting  and as a passenger in the car and I will stop there before i embarrass myself.

When I don't have my Ipad… I draw and at Guild meeting last night I resorted to pen and paper.

I don't quite know what it is…. but it's a mind bird….





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