Finished part of the quilt.


I've pretty much finished quilting the bottom of the quilt. Most of the hand stitching is complete… but as I stand back and look at it I often feel I can add more..

The fabric newspaper gives balance and the red wool embroidery adds texture.

I love this technique, it's really out of the box for me. I'm finding it very satisfying … I have so much freedom in the quilting and I think it's going to be hard for me to go back and be a little more structured.

You know it's like drawing… stop, stand back and add just a little more.

I began quilting the Graffitti. The three panels are printed on canvas and quilting it is working well. However, I won't quilt them too heavily.

I hit a snag… I had a small pucker on the back of the quilt under the centre canvas panel. So I fixed it and quilted the it  then took the other two panels off the quilt  and I am quilting UNDER them frist then I will place them back on the quilt and quilt them.

WHY? well the bottom if the quilt is intensively quilted… I was worried how I was going to tackle the Graffiti panels… so in effect it will be base quilted… and then re-quilted on the top of the panel to give it stability and balance with the rest of the quilt….

It's fun wokring through these problems…


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