A little detective work.

I'm creating a video called "Museums, Music and the Magic of Material"

On a visit to the V&A Museum in London I found an amazing quilt made in the 1300's known as the "Tristan Quilt"


It's been re-created twice by talented ladies and I'm researching that right now, but in looking for more information  I came across this exhibition.

I've been aware of it for some time now. Sadly it will be finished by the time I get to Britain this year.

I wanted to share it with you, this is the URL to the BBC video

Remembering London's orphans

Emily Buchanan looks at some of the poignant tokens left behind by mothers forced to abandon their babies in 18th-century England.


"Threads of feelings"

16,282 babies were left at the London Foundling Hospital between 1741 and 1760, only 152 were reclaimed. 

Many of the women arriving at the hospital with their babies were unable to read and write.

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  1. The BBC documentary is heart wrenching. A great example of how a piece of fabric can bring comfort to woman of all ages.
    I’m looking forward to your video.

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