Finished quilting the quilt.

Does this ever happen to you?

The difference in the quilting styles in this quilt has certainly been a challenge.

However, I never have a problem I can always adjust it with the binding.

First of all I cut my binding 3" wide.

I like the binding to be a feature on the quilt. At 3" I end up with a very flat full binding and I don't have to stretch it to pull it over to the other side.

This quilt is dead square… the little bubble at the bottom will be flattened by the binding.

I measure through the centre of the quilt to get the measurement for the binding.

Vertical and horizontal….

I used to sew my binding on with the walking foot ….. using the edge of the foot as a width guide.

With the Janome Horizon and previous Janome 6600 it has the accufeed foot and that feeds the three layers through at the same time… it certainly helps..

Time for coffee and a relax the handsewing can wait till tomorrow.


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  1. gayle says:

    This piece is amazing! The black threadwork, the texture and the quilting are outstanding. I just love your work, Pam.

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