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To piece or pierce that is the Question.

It's late evening and time to retire…

I've just arrived home from viewing another film at the film festival..


I had a frustrating day today…. I was piecing.

It was so annoying…. I don't like piecing…Its not my favorite way of creating a quilt.

I began early this morning and it really gave me a huge headache.

I'm not piecing  my own quilt but  it's for someone else….. eeek, shudder….. I had to stop at 12.00 and go in for a triple shot  of coffee.

I mean I really felt I could get stuck into the hard stuff  to get me through.

2.30 came around, I was still in my pyjamas… (but you can't tell) I had to be in another place at 3.00 and with heart pounding and a great deal of exasperation I showered and dressed and sped down the freeway still smarting about the days work.

Now in saying that…. I actually pieced 180 of the blocks above for a special quilt… I called them the "Elies Block" it's really two blocks in one….!!! so I can piece BUT…. I choose not to.

If anyone is interested I can show you how to make this block




  1. Carole Kokinis says

    Yes please Pam. Any sign of the Alphabet book yet 🙂


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