Woven Watercolors No 4


I've been able to stay home all day today and I feel like I've achieved quite a bit.

I finished this quilt. I really like the effect.

Woven watercolors…. is dyed cheesecloth or we call it muslin creating the forms of the image.

At first I was going to contour quilt it… (following the contours of the face). However, I suddenly decided to just quilt the fabric down in horizontal lines…



The first line I quilted was in black and I realised that it would take over the picture… so I pulled that row out and quilted in grey.

The grey thread covers the image and of course the either side of the face…. it changes to black where the picture ends….

I used the open toed foot on the Janome Horizon and stitched the three layers with the Accu foot works wonderfully. All three layers are feed through the machine equally.


Now I need to do a large scene….!!!


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