My big fish.



It's a darn big fish…. 36" long…..

Drawn with Pigment ink on a Maywood Shadow Play.

I used Tsukineko Pigment ink pens.

I quite like it… I love the process and I really like the fact that I begin with a design and I never know if I can do it…. by that I mean that this is the first "Large" piece I've done with this technique….

I wasn't sure if I could get a smooth flow of ink for such a large area….. but it worked….

You've all seen the Alphabet and it's the same technique…. but I wanted the colors to be more vibrant.

This is a class sample and I hope to create an exhibition piece….  I have to quilt all the scales…!!!!!!

Well, I guess it took long enough to draw and color them.

I'll share the process of the the quilt…. next week.


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  1. Stunning, your attention to detail is fantastic.

  2. Chris John says:

    What a fabulous fish Pam! Those colours are really vibrant.
    I have a funny fish story for you. It’s about the 20 that got away.
    We have a fish pond in our backyard. With our recent floods 23 of our 26 fish made a bid for freedom. Hubby and I saw a couple of them in the middle of the night when we were sitting on the sandbags bailing. They had swum to the front of the house. My brother in law caught one in the backyard and two others were caught in the filters at the end of our court by the SES crew. They rejoined the 3 who were smart enough to stay home.
    We now have 6 fish in the pond and 20 that have gone to fishy heaven.

  3. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    It is gorgeous. I love the little teeth and your amazing details. Will it be quilted like the rhino?

  4. Rita says:

    Hi Pam…I love your fish. Am interested in your Tsukineko Pigment ink pens. All I can find is Tsukineko inks. Is there a “pen” filled with this ink, or the Fantastic brush tips. Thanks much, Rita

  5. Pam says:

    Rita, the pens are called fabrico and you can source them in your area by going on the web ….
    You can also use a brand called Zig. I think there are 45 colors in the range.

  6. Myra Ungerman says:

    Pam — That fish is marvelous! I love it. I am also interested in trying the Tsukineko (fabrico)pens. We live in a VERY rural area and I’m going to have to do an internet search to find where I can order them. (The nearest large city that MIGHT have them is about 75 minutes from us, over a treacherous [in the winter] mountain pass, and it snowed (again) last night and today. I’d rather stay cozy and have them delivered. I have a couple of the fabrico pens and love the way the ink flows onto the fabric. I would like to do a mountain trout like they have in Yellowstone. Those are beautiful, also. Your colors are fantastic.

  7. Pam says:

    Myra, thank you…. I wasn’t sure if I could do such a large project using the pens… but it worked.

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