The quilt is finished. (sort of)



I've finished the quilt, but I'm not happy with the binding so that will have to come off and be re-done.

What I've found is that the muslin (cheesecloth) stretches at a different degree to the cotton base… the quilt is completely flat, but I think I will block it and put the binding on again….

The last photo is of the quilting… I used a smoke monofilament thread and stitched around every image…. each scale.

I used blue masterpiece in the bobbin. (dozens of bobbins) in fact.

I think it's interesting, it looks like some of the fish are in the sky… but it's supposed to be water… however, I guess it will make people guess, is it sky, is it water…. rather ethereal I think.

OK, Rachael posted that I hadn't mended her jeans….

YES I did…. and she wanted me to share the photo on the blog…!!!



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  1. Chris John says:

    I would love those jeans! Pam, the quilt looks wonderful. You must have spent considerable time at the machine doing all those scales. Such incredible attention to detail.

  2. Lynn Spillane says:

    The quilt turned our really well. I don’t think it appears that the fish are in the sky at all…afterall that would mean that the big fish would be almost at the surface of the water. If the koi were in the same perspecive as the big fish there wouldn’t be any question but that is why we have artistic license…..I like it the way you’ve expressed the deep water…would be a great wall hanging in one of Florida’s beach houses….

  3. Lynn Spillane says:

    Forgot to mention the chuckle I got when I saw the patch for Rachael’s jeans…the next time I am asked to ment my husband’s jeans that’s exactly what I am going to do. I can imaging the remarks from his elderly friends and at 76 he needs all the humor he can get.

  4. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Mend is 4-letter word at my house. I’ll have to remember Lynn’s suggestion also. I love the depth and movement you acheived with the layers of cheescloth.

  5. gayle says:

    Mending is right up there with hemming pants. However, I like the way you made it fun, Pam.
    The quilt is fabulous. I love the ethereal quality to it. All the different degrees of colour in the koi are very very nice…and the scales on the big fish…..Wow!

  6. The quilt is fantastic, just love all those fish. As to the jeans, well I think you are too kind. I think I would have looked for some naughty fabric to fix them and fix my daughter at the same time!

  7. peg says:

    the jeans look good and your fish is amazing….

  8. Wen Redmond says:

    Your work is beautiful. Jean Patches are too cool!

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