The gumboots song and getting zapped by the electric fence in my jamas.

Sunday morning has traditionally been my morning get out the iron.

With a mountain of school uniforms to iron and my husbands shirts…. I set about this huge task before breakfast every sunday…

I still do it now (to a lesser extent).

I listen to an Iconic radio program Australia all over.  It used to begin with the dulcet tones of magpies and kookaburras singing…. (a bit strange because I hear that every day in the yard) but now it means so much to me to hear when I'm traveling.

With the magic of the Internet I can share this program with you and the signature "Gumboots song.


Ian McNamara Gumboots Free track – ABC Shop.


One cold Sunday morning, I was out doing the ironing… everyone was still asleep and I was working at fever pitch to get the work done before breakfast.

Ian announced that it was snowing in the next major town, Mt Barker….  Now we don't have snow… and ever the photographer I thought only of getting out the camera and photographing the phenomenon.

I didn't have time to change so still in my pyjamas, I grabbed the camera, jumped in the car and sped off to Mt Barker some 7 miles away.

Indeed there was snow. the fields were white and sparkling and I was beside myself with excitement.

I parked the car on a high ridge and attempted to take some shots out of the car window… (I wished I'd changed out of my pyjamas) but… I figured that if I angled the car right. I could hop out of the car and bend down and hidden by the open door I wouldn't be noticed in my pyjamas…

The shot was fantastic…. an amazing vista… the cows in the fields, the mist rising, in the sun… the gum trees glistening…

I leant forward, to rest my wrists on the wire fence for a better shot. ZAP…. I was thrown sideways, flat on my back and my camera went flying. The event made rather a loud noise… I don't know if was the contact, my acrobatic antics or the flying camera that caused a stir and I looked up to see a crowd of people staring down at me….

Now what idiot would put an electric fence there?

I slid back into the car, went home and finished the ironing and it wasn't until about a week later that the burn marks on my wrist were noticed by the family… it caused a great deal of concern…. "Mum what have you been doing"… I was sprung… I had to explain and the teenagers in my family were mortified that I would be seen in my pyjamas by the masses in the neighborhood.

No, I've never done that again…!!!


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  1. only you do that!

  2. maree says:

    Sorry Pam but that is Too Funny…

  3. Plum Cox says:

    Thanks for sharing this – it made me laugh out loud, as it’s the sort of thing that might easily happen in this family too!

  4. Rachael says:

    So if you were ironing our uniforms on a Sunday morning, WHY oh why did we have to do them again on Sundsay night????? You could have at least polished our shoes too…caught up on a bit of homework. Maybe you missed my uniform? Lol

  5. LoL. Great story. Thanks for the chuckle. — Naomi

  6. Yes, but I want to see the picture you took!

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