Arty Artichoke – No 3.



I've had a lot of questions on how the quilt was made.

It's thread painted and Illustrated with thread.

This quilt is a little different to some of the other thread painting quilt genres.

It's unlike a whole cloth quilt,.

It's unlike an applique quilt.

It's unlike a pieced quilt.

But I have used elements of most of the above in the quilt.

I don't think you would expect me to give away all my secrets, but I've stitched the entire quilt free motion with the feed dogs up and using a Janome Horizon machine which has a tensioned free motion foot that allows me to do this without the use of an embroidery hoop or stabilizer.



The outer edge of the quilt (shown in the last photo) is quilted with the accufeed open toed foot.

The thread is Superior Masterpiece 100% cotton and I match the threads on the top  of the quilt with a matching bobbin thread.

In the photo above… you can see a small degree of puckering… in fact it is minimal considering the amount of quilting and stitching I've done on the quilt. However, it does mean that the quilting surrounding the image needs to be quite intense.

How to Quilt it?

The extension of the petal complete the oval effect of the image… but I don't want the entire quilt to look like that… If I echo quilted the shape… it makes you eyes move out across the quilt… and in fact… I think that's what most people would do.

I will echo a small border and then create straight "box" lines of quilting.


It gives me am extension of uniform movement – geometrical. It tends to contain the image rather than extend it.

This will be the last quilt I make bfore travel.!!!!!



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  1. Sally says:

    Hmmm….. Will the artichoke be making it to Cincinnati??? Would love to see it in person! So looking forward to your class. Hope your eye has made a full recovery too.

  2. How big is the artichoke piece?

  3. Pam says:

    Naomi, I haven’t put the border on yet, but it’s 21″ X 17″

  4. Pam says:

    Sally, yes, it will be in the bag.

  5. Kay says:

    Love the artichoke Pam. We probably discussed this before but do you always use the same thread in bobbin and top? – I am having great difficulties using different colour thread in the bobbin – loads of top thread coming through to the back!

  6. Pam says:

    Kay, I do use the same or similar color.
    If you are having problems with the thread showing through it may mean that your top tension is too high and pulling the bottom thread up….
    Sometimes I do that for a special effect.

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