Ooooooh Sigh

Life is hectic and full of surprises.

It's self inflicted – I'm just having a whine…..but I will be able to put business aside for a short time next week.

Today we've been working on our hotel, trust me folks… the events there will be very exciting. It's taking longer than we thought but well worth the wait. It's a 5 star spa (come Quilt Retreat) To be able to design my own conference room and class room is a dream come true.

I had to baby sit my daughters dog who had the snip yesterday… I had him in the kitchen in the warmth while we had our meeting. We left him quietly for an hour while we talked over lunch and he absconded through a window…

We just hope someone kind has found him and will notify the council soon. Gees louise !!!

Ooooooooh, sigh.

On the practical side I've labeled many of my quilts with the new Qr labels … and I think it's the thing I dislike the most about making a quilt… sewing on labels.…..I never seem to get them straight, despite using lots of techniques…

4 Quilts and entry forms completed….!!!!

Another first yesterday was having my eyebrows shaped by a talented Indian lady with a reel of plain old cotton….it's amazing…It's called "threading" an apt name for a quilter.

It's been quite cool here this week… but I look nervously at the weather in Lincoln Nebraska… it was 2 degrees there yesterday. I think I'll take the long johns. Still I'll be so busy studying so I guess I won't notice the weather too much.

I'm attending a Quilt Conference at the International Quilt Study Centre and Museum, University of Nebraska. Sheer pleasure and delight. I'm a student again.









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