Lincoln Nebraska.

I met this guy today


He was sitting out in the rain.


I found this on the side of the building near my hotel


and this is his friend.

Today, I have most of the day to recover from travel.

You know, it's not the long flight that is difficult because I have a bed and I can sleep, but it's the unexpected things that happen.

Considering where I'm located in the plane, I'm usually off first and immigration and picking up luggage is a breeze, but one of my cases was in the first class line and the other was located on another turntable…. I had flashbacks of loosing my luggage in London……OOOOOh.

But I found it and then there is a huge line to get through customs.

I had to re-check my ticket and by that time I got a middle seat right down the back of the plane……. Ugggg. It was a four hour flight.

Already late for the plane the cheerul little gum chewing gal on the pre-sucurity line said I had to pack my handbag in my back pack….

Gees I knew it wouldn't fit… so I spent precious minutes emptying it and strapping the empty bag to the back pack….

"That's better" she said smugly. Meanwhile I must have looked like a woman possessed as the perspiration dripped from my forehead.

She continued her conversation on the phone… and I gave her my best withering look.

Security is next and the lines are huge in LA. For some reason there wasn't a priority line and I made it to the gate as the last person was getting on the plane.

No time for food and it isn't served on the plane…. the gal who was sitting on the aisle said "I hope you don't need to go to the bathroom during the flight because I'm tired…. I've just been on the TV show "divorce court" and I need to sleep….

"good on you honey" I thought……

I had 30 minutes break before the next flight to Omaha…. and I was able to eat a sandwich during the flight.

It's a bit chilly here right now, about 38 degrees (7) but it was ok walking out this morning….

Now I'm going to rest a little before tonight's event and then catch up on some work….

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  1. marilyn smith says:

    Pam, welcome to middle America. I live in Missouri and enjoy your blog so much. Your crativity is astounding! Marilyn

  2. marilyn smith says:

    Oh my gosh! I meant “creativity”. So sorry. Marilyn

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