Hey thanks folk…..

"Judy Sankey commented on your note "Creativity".
Judy wrote: "I have YOU on my iPad, Pam… You are my inspiration… Chin up, Doll! :O)"

What a lovely thing to say, thanks….!!!



I've had the most inspirational day today…..

I sat quietly  in the audience at the International Quilt Study Centre and listened as Beverly Lemire, professor of history at the University of Alberta gave a wonderful presentation:-

From Global Trade to Domestic Arts: Quilts and Quiltmaking in the North Atlantic world c1600 – 1800.

It was fascinating. There will be a podcast  for you all to share soon so I will let you know when it comes online.

Well I did do a little sketching in my note book. Ive finished the Alphabet… but now we have a new baby 'Lily Maree' I thought maybe I should do a "L" for Lily……..


Marseille White Corded Quilting:- by Kathryn Berenson.

I have never seen work like it.

So fine, so detailed…. could I do it on the machine?


This quilt has been back lit to show the stitching.

This detailed picture shows the cording where the fibre has broken down

I will be doing a film for the Quilt Show so stay tuned….

I got back to the hotel a little late…. I had to deliver a special quilt to someone…but then decided I really need to eat… I forgot to last night and woke up at 1.00 am very hungry. (well it was lunch time at home)

Sleep eluded me till at least 4.00 am… woow, I saw some very interesting things on TV. My goodness one of those shopping channels sells some horrible  items, how can they be shown on TV…..!!!! and the next channel was a Nun chanting….I think it was sacrilidge to put her next to the  rude toys channel. Confusingly, most channels had an expert way to loose weight.. surprising how many ways there are really.

So with that all in mind I whipped out to a great Indian restaurant and was standing by myself when "Molly" asked me to join her. Then we found out we were both participants of the show  and we chatted like old friends for an hour or so over our naan bread.

Quilters rule!!!!!

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  1. Nola says:

    Great that you found a new friend to have dinner with.
    “L” for Lily looks good.
    The Marseille white corded quilting is awesome. Lucky you seeing it in the cloth. Will you be able to photograph more examples?

  2. Wonderful job on your last video over on TQS. I love your music choices also. So soothing to listen and view beautiful quilts.

  3. peg says:

    i love the sketch you are doing for Lily and when the alphabet book is out it will be a treasure to have in my library….it is great to lunch with a new a friend..

  4. Pam says:

    Thanks Nedra.

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