“Revisiting The Art Quilt”

There is a huge wind storm outside and the wind is whining past my 5th floor window.

It's dark and the lights decorating the building opposite are moving with alarming antics.

The Conference is over and I'm basking in the glow is about the only way I can explain it.

The history of quilting gives me an emotional license to be doing what I'm led to do. Quilt, design, teach and to move in a direction of original ideas.

I think there were about 80 participants and I was amongst an esteemed group of people from all over the country, and yes, there was another Aussie.

From the opening address to the close today I hung on every word.

Today I attended an event, “Revisiting The Art Quilt”, a reprise of the groundbreaking exhibition of studio art quilts that was hugely important in bringing attention to the work of non-traditional quilters.

Penny McMorris, one of the two curators of the original exhibition, was guest curator.


'The Art Quilt' exhibition opened in the Los Angeles Munipal Art Gallery in September 1986.

This was a ground breaking exhibition and it began a new movement in Quilting as  Art. The show traveled for 3 years presented as  art rather than traditional Quilting.

"The Art Quilt" featured 25 quilts by 16 quilt makers, including Nancy Crow,

Pauline Burbidge

 Michael James.

  Therese May


Terrie Hancock Mangat


The quilts were, large, bold and made a statement.

25 years on they are still creating interest and delight.


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  1. Lynn says:

    Isn’t the international Quilt Study Center just wonderful? I feel so lucky to live here in Nebraska and see the exhibitions – the corded white quilts from Marseille are exquisite.

  2. Pam says:

    Lynn, it was an absolute gift.

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