Ipad for travelers and Quilters.

I've had a few people email me and ask about what apps I use on my Ipad.

I have about 100 and to be honest I use them all.

First Unknown of all I travel a lot. I have a wonderful app called trip it pro. I has my entire trip in the ipad which syncs with my Iphone, computer and my calendar. When I book a hotel or plane flight I just forward it to 'trip it' and it organises my itinerary… it also sends messages to my phone as I fly to let me know what gate to go to and lets my immediate family know where I am!!!!!! amazing. I can also keep track of my two sisters who travel as much as I do.


Ibooks. I have reading and text books ready to read at all times even books to read to and with the grandchildren.



ImagesAmazon as well… in fact text books are easier to get on Kindle from Amazon.


Unknown Pages, I'm writing a book on this program, it's the same as on my Apple computer and is a bit like microsoft word. I can print the book from the Ipad or send it to my computer.


Unknown SketchMe.

I use this app a lot for creating images for my the background of a thread painted quilt.

Sketchbook pro, Paintbook, Brushes, Idraft, Mobile netHD, Usketch

I read the news, I watch TV, Flipboard is fabulous for reading your facebook page, it comes up like a magazine and you turn the pages….

Keynote. I write programs… Kaleidoscope for patterns and designs.

And of course, my personal movies and music is on Itunes….


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