Happiness and homesickness.


I had one more visit to "Quilt House" today.

I'll have some interesting news to share with you soon but not just yet!!!!

I finished some programs for class, talked with friends  and did a little editing and then pretty much the day was done.


I've been away from home a week and it's almost time to bring out the vegemite. (I have small packets and I eat it when I'm homesick)



I found an incredible second hand bookstore that had 100's books on quilting and art…. They had some of the text books I've been looking for for a long time….I wish I lived closer but postage home is more than buying on Amazon.!!!!

I had a home made icecream in a quaint store as a treat and pointed the camera at things I don't see at home.


I'm sure you could create an interesting design from this fire escape.


I enjoyed interacting with the sculpture in front of the Museum building while I waited for the shuttle. It is called "Reverie," which means daydream.
Artist Linda Fleming said she wanted to create something that played off of light and that people could wander into.
"That would be reflective of getting together for a quilting bee, perhaps. So, the structure will do that," Fleming said.

There are 4 chairs inside the sculpture and you can sit on them surrounded by this strong structural image.


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