A day off.


It's my day off and I've been burning the candles at both ends…    Now I have time to relax.

What a great 3 days. This is what I do best. I value the response from the people who join me in class. Thank you, I value your honesty, integrity and enthusiasm.

I'm always surprised when I people seek me out on the floor of the event, or come speciallly to my room to say hello, or even bring books for me to sign.

I meet with lots of you each day on the blog. It's lovely that you have morning coffee over my ramblings…

The downside of traveling…….

It's rather stressful when plans change in the middle of the tour. The heart races just a little faster as you sit quietly in your room, and without the security of home and family you have to make decisions, implement them and feel secure that you've done the right thing…

Today some wonderful friends came to my rescue and carried my precious cargo of quilts to up to Michigan for me. They will be there when I get back in May.

I can't tour them round France. Gees what do you do with 50 kg of quilts and stuff….!!!

Plans today….

Catch up on the adventures of Alice Isobel.

Film and photograph the quilt show.

I had a wonderful time last night when I joined friends for dinner on a riverboat that gently pushed through the quiet waters of the Ohio river. There was dancing, great music and super company.








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