Hot Springs

It took an entire day to get from Cincinnati to Hot Springs today.

I walked outside the door of the hotel at 7.30 this morning, it was warm and the sky was black. I thought, "whoops, this is going to be an interesting day"

Yes it was, but not as scary as some flights I've had.

Spring has arrived in Cincinnati, but its more advanced here in Hot Springs…. it was just wonderful driving down this afternoon. It was lime green and warm and the sun danced on those new baby leaves.

Our hotel is completely gutted so I have to stay at another one this week. I will be working on the things we need in the class rooms and other exciting things for the refurbishment.


Yesterday I rushed from one thing to another, catching up on all the unfinished things I needed to do.

Photographing the quilts, a couple of meetings, photographing the town around me and especially the hotel.



I love this photo… it looks like a zebra… it's a reflection in the windows of another reflection… I had to get in a strange position to film it…. still I'm over being embarrassed and just get on with it.


My colors !!!!

The Hilton Hotel was an artistic delight and they had the most sumptuous brunch, so I decided to partake considering that I'd been eating left over hamburger and other strange things for breakfast. I usually skip lunch when I teach…. it's just one of those thing and so with a day off I figured  I'd go the other way.

It was wonderful,but I think I earned it.




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  1. Kate says:

    Thanks for sharing your photos. The one with the pianist captured my heart – amazing.

  2. Kate says:

    PS – thank you thank you thank you for making it easy to leave comments – in some places you have to jump through a dozen hoops and captcha etc – and I must admit sometimes I give up. Thanks again.

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