I have to say that the Cincinnati Quilt show was top notch.

I've already mentioned how wonderful the classes were, but I would like to talk about the overall ambiance of the show.

The venue was light, airy, bright and aesthetically pleasing.


There were great views over the city from the top atrium.


The food court was well organised it seemed to me that the food was of a high quality. As you can see it was a lovely venue.

400 vendors met the needs of the hoards of shoppers and I think Janome had one of the best deals around… 2 machines for the price of one !!!

There were a lot of special events and the SAQA display was inspiring.


I talked to booth holders, students and people I met in the lift or just on the floor. Everyone really enjoyed the event.

Cincinnati is so anxious to have the quilters visit they threw a party…. and I think it should be something done at each event…

OK, I know it's impossible, but it sure was a nice touch.

Make a point to go next year.

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  1. Monica C says:

    i’m sooooo SAD i missed this show. I got to see you last year in Chicago and wanted to go again this year but I couldn’t since i lost my job. What was the deal that Janome had?

  2. Pam says:

    Bad luck Monica. The sold the Janome 7700 and included a small ‘take out’ machine valued at $1000 for the cost of the 7700… a pretty good deal I think.

  3. Monica C says:

    NIce! I ended up buying a new Janome after using the one in Chicago

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  5. Pam says:

    Great, you sure got a good bargain.

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