Tilly and her own story.

A few people have asked if my grandchildren like the story of Alice Isabella….


I've had a couple of notes from them and now Tilly is writing her own stories….

I will put them in a book for her and illustrate it….. you can print a book so easily these days…

If you get your grandchildren to write stories you could make them a quilt of the story… imagine how precious that would be… that's one quilt they would always keep.

Here is Tilly's story……


Hi Bama – Mummy is a lovely lady and I so is Alice Isabella and I love that story and I writted you a story too………

One day a little girl was walking through the woods and her name was Maddy and then a fox came and she was really scared but that fox was really nice. the fox was hungry but she had no food so she helped the fox pick some berries and she was 64 metres tall and then she asked her Mum to make a cherry pie and then she quickly got to the contest to see who was the loveliest girl and she was and after that she came back to the woods and then she shared the cherry pie with that fox.
The End ( By Tilly xxxxxxxxxxx)

Think of a quilt… a 64 metre high kind fox picking berries… a cherry pie and the most beautiful girl who won the contest.

Mummy baking a pie.!!!!

Alice Isabella, who lives in my sketchbook in my handbag, is very excited to be  going to Alamogordo today.  


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  1. peg says:

    oh pam i love your stories and it would seem that tilly is taking up your baton….her story is good…..peg in kansas

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Tilly can sew and spin a tale, just like her Bama. Her story would make a wonderful quilt.

  3. Pam says:

    It’s cute we have been telling stories for years….. I love it.

  4. Rachael says:

    Ha ha, not too sure about her grammar, but she will get there! All her stories lately are about Mummy and Roberto and Hudson and how lovely we all are….the fox is new. Makes for a nice change from the baby brother and sister stories though 😉 LOL. seriously, she is missing her bama, she says its enough now, Bama should come home and then you can go back to do some more work.

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