Believe in yourself


      "As we have noted before, teachers have incredible power to influence the self esteem and creative developments of their students"

Gail Mc Meekin

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I was pretty bright as a kid at school…. but I was pathetically shy and had no self esteem or social skills.

When I was 10, A teacher, Mr Jones…. was inspired by my drawing and writing and he encouraged me to go further.

I've never forgotten him and the gift of belief in myself he bestowed on me.

When I was 40, a 'famous' quilt teacher told me I would never become a quilter. "you have no color sense" she said.

Mr Jones, bestowed belief came to the fore…. and I challenged her statement.

One day I will sit down and have a chat to her…..

Recently, my Daughter Rachael received a note from one of her students who struggled as a 10 year old.

Her note was just like my experience…. she followed in Rachael's footsteps and became a Teacher I think…. and thanked Rachael for believing in her.

Rachael was thrilled…. I wish I could visit Mr jones, just one more time.

Thankyou Mr Jones.

It's never too late to say "Thankyou."



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  1. adamsme says:

    That famous quilt “teacher” was no teacher whatsoever. Teachers are educators. Sometimes it helps to examine the root of that word. It comes from the Latin verb “educere”, which means to lead or draw out. Now isn’t that a nice definition. It’s more about developing what is already present rather than putting information in.
    I hope that things in Arkansas are proceeding apace. I can’t wait!
    Mary Ellen

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks Mary Ellen. I agree with your comments.
    As for Arkansas, its moving along nicely…. you will love it.

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