"My hand bag gave way and I needed to replace it so I chose and incredibly arty find. Fossil…. I just love the brand. It's just right for France I think. This time next week I'll be preparing to go."

      "I found a vintage children's quilt, it had never been used and I thought it would be wonderful for the little grand girls to use at Bammas house. Someones grandma made it I'm sure, but somehow it never got delivered (or used) it's still pristine… I paid $18 and I know my grandies will enjoy it. So it begins a new life."

    "I found these pre loved quilts… they were a little worse the wear but never the less I love them. Not they didn't find their way in my bag."


     "I played this funny game in Crackerbarrel and ate, chicken, turnip greens and corn bread for Sunday lunch."


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  1. Thank you Pam for today and letting me film you. I had a wonderful time. If you could send me some pictures that I would be able to use for the tv spot that’d be fantastic. Thank you again, and I will definitely see you for the classes in July!

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