I miss my family it’s Easter….

I've been blogging a long time…. and occasionally I delve into the archives….. I wrote this on the day I had a significant birthday.


"I'm a genuine baby boomer

No I'll never wear a cardigan, or my slippers to the shops… or even a nylon frock. To be honest, I never wear a frock.

It's was a day of reflection. I had time to write a little, visit with family, design and begin quilt for my new era!!! and think of how I actually got here.

Age 20, Keith and I got married.

By age 30, we had 7 children…. Goodness gracious, how did we do that? Jaime, Rachael and Matthew, (3 in 3 years) and we had adopted Joshua (newborn), Suchada, (aged 11) Darrin aged 8 and Phat from Vietnam aged 15…….

What were we thinking of!!!! But it was a wonderful time. I wouldn't swap it for the world. It was a wonderful time in our lives.

Age 40, we added a few more bedrooms….Callie, Michael and Sam arrived……Lori, Liseby, Benny from Mauritius, Jinda from Thailand. Lean lived with us for a year, Bo for two….The exchange students arrived, 6 in all and they stayed for a year. (not all at once.) but when I think about it, we did have 3 at once.

During that time I met a young man in Thailand who was traveling, I said "if you ever come our way you're welcome to stay"
He did….. for a year. He is now almost 50, lives close by us with his wife and child and is very much part of the extended family.

We had our own bus and a caravan for holidays and life was sure hectic

In my 40's I began my fashion design business with partner Cynthia…. She has a significant birthday next week… just a little younger than I. As two Librans, we are exact opposites but worked well for some 15 years.

50 was a turn around. I was a dedicated quilter. Gee you all know what happens to you then, I don't need to explain.

Friends that's about the end of it…. Now I quilt, write, make documentaries and take photos…. What a way to go….

What will the 60's bring.

I know I can get discount at Denny's fast food restaurant. !!!! Senior discount in the movies in the USA takes the price down to about $4.00 – and I feel I can ask the nice young man in the aisle to put my hand luggage up for me….!!! and I have no problem enjoying my classical music along with new country. I play them very loud.

In life we have things that are moments in time and end up being significant to our future. I often think back to when I had 3 littlies under 3 at home. I was incredibly shy and introvert…. Trust me it's true. I had really low self esteem.

Keith, an Accountant was negotiating a business partnership with another accountant and we were invited to dinner to negotiate.

He turned up with his snotty secretary with a plum in her mouth, little back dress, coifed hair and tottering on heels far too high.

Her enjoyment for the evening, was to put me down with comments. "Oh, I couldn't bear to be just a housewife"
How can you let yourself have 3 children so quickly. Etc, etc.
By the end of the evening. I was ready to snot her.

I loved being a mum. My children were gorgeous… I sewed their clothes on my hand cranked machine… Believe me …..!!
I cooked, cleaned and was a happy as a pig in straw.
But this gal really got up my nose. I decided to show her…..

Where are you now honey?

Dinner with the whole family and friends creates an a spectacle even in the friendliest restaurants.

People look as one by one a gaggle of good looking young people of all nationalities arrive, kiss each other and are obviously family. We even added a Frenchman last night. However, that's not new… it's been like that for years… it was handy when the kids played up in the shops… "Who does that badly behaved child belong to"? being multi racial has its benefits!!!!"

That was 4 years ago…. a lot has changed…. we have many more grandies. A few more marriages and life is never dull.

I miss my family it's Easter….

However, I had a great family day with Lisa's family….

We ate pulled pork, beans and salad…. just delicious… thanks guys you made it easier.

We have welcomed two new members to our family, Sergie and Vera from Russia.

Sergie was a student who lived with us as a student 20 years ago…..!!! They arrived after I left… I just want to give them a hug.

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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Happy Easter, Pam. We forget how much you give up to share your time and life with the rest of us. Thank you and safe travels.

  2. Chris John says:

    I guess there are compromises you have to make to be an international quilting teacher and traveller. Thank heavens for the modern communications we now have so families and friends can keep in touch.

  3. Lisa says:

    My dearest friend- I believe all things happen for a reason and will always be grateful that fate brought us together. Wouldn’t it be be fun to sit back and watch both our families together in one place -what a riot that would be. Each and every one -part of the huge quilt we call life.

  4. Suzanne says:

    What a lovely post. I am an adopted person..that’s just how babies come into our family…multi nations too. Thank you for sharing with us.

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