Unconfined joy.

It was a very fulfilling day  yesterday… I tried to put up a lot of other info, but the Internet was saturated.

It led me to think how easy it is to receive joy if we allow it to happen.

I feel sadness here when I see an old woman begging or the prostitutes lounging in the doorways at 8.30 am.


But I experience joy on the other hand… I can't carry that amount of sadness with me… but need to leave that on the pavement for what it is.

Experience it, leave it.

My whole day yesterday was based around my desire to experience art and expression and that I did.



The tapestries, the artists, the cut of a garment, the fabric district of Montmarte, chatting with the people in the quilt shop and dinner in a french restaurant.

I've been strongly criticised by "Those who know" for my re-creation of images…. such as the 1776 quilt/ American Gothic painting….

Ha, but the realisation that the great man William Morris himself had inspiration from great masters and used Medieval images in his work 5 centuries later allowed me to leave their comments on the pavement.

Mark Twain said…"On with the dance, let joy be unconfined is my motto, whether there's a dance to dance or any joy to unconfine."

"Lets explore joy for a moment."


Lois's Daughter… this photos is for you. Your Mum and barbara…


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