Sensory overload

The morning began with a suggested trip to the "Original Pantry" for breakfast by the concierge.

It was like being in a movie. The atmosphere was electric. The sound of patrons discussing the morning.

The hot grill piled high with bowls of crisping potatoes, bacon and pancakes, the metal bar stools that have been polished into delightful quaintness by the behinds of thousands over the past 80 years and the cashier behind the grilled door.

Humphrey Bogart, Marilyn Monroe and other famous dignitaries being amongst the past patrons whose pictures on  the wall remind us of past glories.

Attendants in formal dress shirts and bow ties work with military precision, preparing food and presenting it. I was fascinated at the way they worked and the food was superb… $5.35 for breakfast… $1.50 for coffee.

We didn't expect to find such a treasure so I didn't have the camera… but I will go back tomorrow to film….

Little did we know what was in store for us for the day.

Our intended destination was the Museum of Modern Art.

"Photograph the Disney building while you are there" said the concierge…

So we did.

We took a guided tour and were fascinated by the stories and the beauty of the building.



As an artist I was mesmerised by the lines, reflections and the beauty….

The rest of the day went like a flash…

A visit to the Cathedral of the Angels where they have the most amazing tapestries….

I will share more images tomorrow…


We finished the day with a concert at the Disney centre… the LA Philharmonic and Los Angeles Master Choral….

I'm in sensory overload.




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  1. I can almost smell those pancakes. One of the best things to get from a holiday vacation is good, quality service from the places we stay in. It makes everything else fit perfectly into place.

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