99.9 % of the time I'm a "Pollyanna person" but get me crabby and I'm not nice and I disappoint myself.

It rained most of the day yesterday and our first port of call was the amazing camera warehouse B&H, it's like heaven walking in there. Every camera you can imagine….and people who understand you!!!!

It began to rain and it continued most of the day but we got to the top of the Empire State Building.


I have two pairs of shoes absolutely soaked and clothes still drying in the bathroom….

The evening was a bit dismal too. We had tickets to the comedy club of Broadway……

I'm either getting old or have missed the section in the funny book that says that male comedians can only talk about their partners and themselves in bed to make comedy….!!!!

Out of the 9 comedians, 3 were clever and funny… 6 dismal and could only talk in four letter words…the staff were rude and it was a rip off…

So I drew patterns on my napkin and transformed myself to another place. It's handy to be able to do that.

We finish our tour today with museums and the statue of liberty today….

The highlight was food today….

We visited the broadway cafe, a Jewish based restaurant with wonderful things on the menu We had Yiddish chicken and dumpling soup, and potato pancakes with apple sauce.

The ambiance was wonderful…. and dinner was rushed at the closest cafe to the Comedy club… it turned out to be Cuban and I tried Mafongo.. and chicken….

Interesting, it was cooked plantain with some form of pork in it….!!! We should have stayed and finished it instead of rushing to the club…. it would have been more enjoyable.

That's my rant….. sorry.

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  1. Sharron says:

    If you make it to Ellis island please say G’day” to Lee’s grandfather. His name is on the memorial wall. Have you made it to “Katz” deli? I hope the weather and the ambience improves for the remainder of your NYC sojourn..

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    It is completely understandable considering you were wet and had paid to have people swear and yell at you. I agree with your comment regarding what passes for comedy these days. I guess it takes too much effort to be clever. Loved your images of NY. Enjoy the rest of your visit.

  3. Naomi in Oregon says:

    Sorry for your bad day. I look at those as the price for all the great days. I totally agree re: comics.

  4. Linda Clark says:

    Hi Pam, I loved the music on the plastic pail…but then I always did want to be a drummer. When I saw the video, I thought it was from a past trip…didn’t realize you’re in NYC right now. I’m heading there on Sat (in 2 days) and will be in town for a week. Maybe we will bump into one another! Now, back to the quilt that must be finished before I can leave town……….Linda Clark in Kenora, ON

  5. Derek says:

    3:30 shuttle
    Rather you guys than me

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