I’m struggling.

Gees Louise.

What a day.

We were informed that 3.30 am was the latest we could risk to get the shuttle to the airport this morning…. so these gals stayed up all night, taking in the sights of NY.

All this  after the museum visit, finding our way on the underground to the ferry which took us to the statue of liberty.

Shopping for shorts and a good lobster meal then enjoying the sites…….

Dressed, showered if not tired and a little numb, 3.30 came and went… 4.00, 4.15 am and after 4 phone calls a very grumpy young man arrived and virtually pushed us to the back seat of the shuttle.

Well he pushed some folks too much they refused to get in his van and caught a taxi.

4.30 till 5.30 we whizzed at breakneck speed through the streets of NY… bang, bump, past cars at amazing speed then bang, stop… the cases slid back and forth….

JFK was our destination… and we were so pleased to be out of that van on speed. !!!!!!

"Sorry Ma-am," said the lady behind the desk, "you are at the wrong airport"….. I couldn't believe it… but I just burst out laughing…. it really was funny this was the one we arrived at and I just booked a return shuttle. (as you do)

So into another calm, quiet and smooth taxi we jumped to arrive at Laguardia and the gal behind the counter was so kind.

Cheryl was shattered… I couldn't help laughing.

"We are experiencing severe weather" she said… "most of the planes will be cancelled…. I will get you on an earlier flight…" which she did…upgrades and all.

The timing was tight… so we ran, grabbed a dry tuna sandwich, filled out our immigration forms only to be told the flight was cancelled.

So here I sit….still numb, working on business… writing the blog and we still have another 3 hours before our flight leaves for our next adventure.

I have to listen to Mozart very loudly to drown out the business dealings of all the men around me who seem to be trying to outdo each other in a loud speaking competition….!!

I've had too much coffee, so now I'm going to walk for an hour to wake up and exercise the mind as well as the body…

The joys of travel…

Will I miss it next year…



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  1. Carolyn says:

    Don’t you just love airports. You should try travelling on standby some time. It will take you to a whole new level of frustration.

  2. Chris John says:

    I love how you laugh when so many others would cry!

  3. Pam says:

    Chris, it was interesting yesterday. We had the funniest ride on a shuttle from the airport to the hotel last night… it seemed like the entire crowd had the same attitude as I and we laughed at the situation we found ourselves in. A happier way to be.

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