San Miguel Allende

I have to catch up with the days events and day 3 in SMA we begin with the a little class and Bach for Breakfast, the smell of coffee and bacon accompany the sound of  Jesu Joy of Mans Desiring. (it's not my bacon but the neighbours.) I think I should go visit them.

I always carry my own cup and plate when traveling. Keith and I bought some gorgeous ones last year at my favorite store "Anthropologie"

So our breakfast table is set with this years acquisitions.


This is the view from one of the top balconies.


This is the other one…. (as I write)

 La Parroquia towers over the jardin and the town. The Church of St. Michael the Archangel could pass for a cathedral, but it is simply a parish church(parroquia), though by no means a simple church. While the church was built in the seventeenth century, the distinctive facade was added at the opening of this century. The neo-Gothic multi-towered facade, called "grotesque gothesque" by detractors, is undeniably not colonial and more Disney than gothic. While some decry the departure from traditional styles and groan about the violence done to the colonial charm of the town, the Parroquia has become the visual symbol of San Miguel.

Last night there was a magnificent light show projected onto the church to the accompanment of stirring classical music punctuated by mexican music. It was a wonderful event.

Yesterday, in the light of day we found our way down to the Jardin (centre square) it was so easy compared to the long route up the market on Saturday.


You do need to wear good shoes to avoid turning an ankle on the cobblestone streets. Orange and ochre painted buildings stand sentry as you pass. The streets are treeless for the main part, the colored doors offer anticipation of what is behind.



This dog stood guard as we passed by.
On entering the Jardin, he air erupted with music and a parade was about to begin.




It was hot, around 90 degrees, the events of the past few days took it's toll and we ended up returning to the house around three in the afternoon. I fell asleep for 2 solid hours.!!!!!!

A very unusual occurrence for me.

But it didn't keep us down… and the evening was spent at a concert in the Jardin and a delicious meal of a wonderful dish consisting of a green chile, white walnut sauce and red pomegranate- the colors of the Mexican flag. This dish is a Mexican Independence day favorite.


Now for the coming day.



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  1. Pam: I’m glad you arrived safe and sound to Mexico. Are you teaching a course in San Miguel?

  2. Carolyn says:

    You need to buy an apartment here I can see that.

  3. Pam says:

    No, Not this time Alexandra…. just visiting….. are you around?

  4. gayle says:

    I love your breakfast set….and such a great idea. You may have just started a new trend.

  5. Carmen Fernandez says:

    Hi Pam Welcome to Mexico!
    Can I go and visit you?

  6. Pam says:

    Carmen of course…!!!!!

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