Motivation Dry up.

Two days and I've not written a blog.

I have so much work to do on the computer and at this stage the motivation is hard to come by because it's all a bit too hard.

I can cope  better in my studio when the inevitable "motivation dry up" occurs….

What do you do when that happens?

It could be the weather… it's been in the high 90's for the past 4 days and at 6,500 feet elevation it is rather draining. A big thunder storm has cooled the house finally and the next few days should be a little more pleasant weather wise.

On the other hand I think I've mentally relaxed and it's hard to pull that essential motivation for making important decisions out of the air right now.

BUT… I must do it… it can't wait.



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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I find a big, icy cold margarita helps with motivational issues… helps me forget that I am having motivational issues!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Happens all the time. I just find something to do I like and then motivation kicks in again. Unless I have been doing too much and I need a rest, both mentally and physically. But that wouldn’t be you would it???? Does Wendy know about your lock jaw?

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