Motivation solved…

Well, I solved the motivation problem.

We took a long walk down the cobblestone road from our house to a fabulous restaurant.

We chatted with people on the way and with others in the restaurant.

We ate ice cream, sat in the Jardin with 100's of others and watched as the  mariachi sang, played and danced the night away.

Wendy suggested I have a margarita… Carolyn asked if Wendy knows about my lock jaw….?

So I will share my secret…..I think I'm the only person in the world who gets lock jaw when they drink alchohol….but sometimes the pain is worth it.. and I've had a few margaritas this trip.

The past few days have been a whirl of business, creative experiences and sharing time with friends.

I watched with fascination and awe as talented artists created the most beautiful fittings for the hotel.


I've looked at the most beautiful textiles, and designed pottery for planters…table tops and platters.


watched the sunset from our balcony and dealt with bats in the belfry during the night…. I shone my ipad screen at him and he few off… (another use for the Ipad, a bat deflector)

We've visited the market and sampled the most amazing food… so the grass hasn't grown under our feet.



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