So little time.

One of the things I'm disappointed in this trip is the lack of time I've had to sketch. I don't know, I need more hours in the day.

Photos, film and the blog take up a lot of time and then I'm just plain busy. Then again I have a lot of material to work with  when I get home…!!!!

Even Alice has stayed in the sketchbook… but she has to come out this evening.

I didn't mention that Cheryl, and I did a workshop with the quilters of San Miguel a few days ago….

They very kindly gave us all the supplies…

and Janet showed us how to create beautiful scarves from torn silk and thread….we will all wear them tonight at our dinner.

There is music everywhere in San Miguel. As you walk down the street, in restaurants,  parks and houses. We attended a choral concert yesterday afternoon.



The mariachi play constantly in the Jardin, there is a permanent stage for visiting artists and last night we attended a concert in the magnificent San Francisco Church.

Three Tenors & the Hungarian State Opera Orchestra Failoni,   San Francisco Church,

After conquering the hearts of the European public, the three tenors, of Italy, Ottavio Palmieri, Domingo Stasi, and Igor Kucer, sang for the first time in Mexico.

It was a fabulous concert… and we just didn't want it to end…

The evening went on into the wee hours after a leisurely visit to a tapas bar.


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