A new fashion, orange lips.

Hmmmm, I wrote a long blog yesterday and lost it….. Grrrrrr. The internet is spasmodic here…

How about this ceiling I photographed yesterday as a quilt….?

I would use a light grey background and the colored fabric will be cut exactly the same shapes as the bricks.. What fabric would I use?


The color of the wall of Frida khalos house.

Don't be afraid to just photograph color.

How can I put this in a quilt?


Love this wall


Today in a church, the light streamed through the window and caused this effect.

Now why am I showing you this…?

I'm going to have these colors printed on fabric to use as a background for my quilts.



This was my 5th visit to Fridas house… I stood in her studio and felt a wonderful warmth…. I would love to work in there.

The post I lost earlier on, shared my happiness at being with my Mexican Quilting friends Alma Rosa and Lucy yesterday. I guess it's one of the perks of traveling and teaching. I meet the nicest people.
It was lovely spending time with them… what a privilege.

Lucy introduced us to a super restaurant right in the heart of the Historic district of Mexico City, not far from our hotel.

It's the first time I've been elegantly presented with a crisp white bib.

A darn big bib.

My Mum would have laughed.. she was supposed to wear one at the nursing home but refused….!!!

Well we wore the darn big bib and I didn't spill one bit of red mole on my shirt (or the bib). I image it would stain our clothes… it sure stained our lips…..!!! (I had orange lips)


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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    I think we need to see pictures of the bib and lips. The colors are glorious. How do they get such a brilliant blue? Is it because of the light?

  2. sergio says:

    Can you tell. Me what color is the same or similar to Fridas house in US. Color charts?

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