“MMMMM” they said…. the kitchen smells like Russia…

I am tempted to sit at the machine.

I feel the need to draw something.

I have so many ideas I need to get down in fabric and discipline states that I have to write a program for something else before I can play.

But the body would only let me sleep, do the washing and prepare paperwork.

Tilly arrived in great excitement this afternoon and wanted to visit with Alice Isabella in the notebook, and I got a special gift… a picture she drew of Jack the Jack russell swimming in his red swimming trunks.

I traced it and colored it….(in the computer,) I think I should  print it on a tshirt for her..



I'm suffering from Mexico stomach and pills have helped wih the pain but I was thrilled when I got on the scales today and I'm 7lb lighter…

We have two young folk living with us who come from Russia.. they cooked the most delicious dumplings tonight….Sergie was our exchange student 20 years ago, now married and in his mid thirties they have come to live with us for 6 months while they study.

"MMMMM" they said…. "the kitchen smells like Russia…"

The lamb and beef dumplings rest in a broth and are served with sour cream and butter….. yes,
"MMMMMM" delicious.

Vera tells me that women woud get in a group and make thousands of these small meat filled dumplings. Sergie said….

"Mum, then they take them outside and leave them for a short time and they freeze" then I guess you used them as needed….. what a great meal.

DSC_3030 0911

Sergie and Keith will cook for the family tomorrow as they all decend for a mega party…. A traditional Aussie roast cooked by my Russian son and an Accountant who can boil water….!!!!

Jamie in the mean time is in Libyan waters filming so he won't be here……!!!!!!!

But we have been joined by a very casual Koala who has kept the russians amused today.


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  1. peg says:

    the dumplings look very tempting….

  2. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Welcome home! Maybe matching Bama and Tiilie T-shirts.

  3. Pam says:

    Wendy, what a good idea.

  4. Pam says:

    They were delicious… I was surprised, I normally steer away from things like that….
    But I really enjoyed them.

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