New Monet garden sample

I'm  preparing for South Africa and re-vamping the Monet's Garden class…

Considering that I have just been there I felt I should make another sample.

So I took a hard photo to re-create.


I dyed the fabric to similar to the background of this photo. It's not exactly the same but it gives me a base.


Trace the pattern


create the leaves.


Begin the texture the leaves


I draw the veins on with a lead pencil.

I chose not to trace them because I wanted them to be more 'sketcherly.'


I'm using a combination of different mediums to color the leaves.

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  1. I love plants, I have all my life. I have found that I see the beauty but not as you do…you capture it in art and make it even more beautiful. We are so truly blessed, us…the internet world to have you give your gift here on your blog…thank you! Pamie G.

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