Packing again.

The Pomegranates sit on the table… I wish I could eat them but I'm allergic to all fresh fruit so all I can do is photograph them.

and I begin the illustration of the huipil, I thought I might put it into a quilt format… but I decided to paint it…

I had Tilly to help me today so things in the studio got put on hold and we did things like "Help Bamma pack"   ….. I've only been home 10 days and I'm packing again. This time to South Africa, USA England, Ireland, Mexico.

I also edited and did voice over for some film and while the film is rendering on the computer I'm going to watch TV with a coffee and enjoy my new UGG boots.

My other uggies had a hole in them… disaster… wet ugg boots……I didn't need them before I left in April, but with only a week to go I couldn't wait any longer ….. my feet were freezing.

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