Time out

The danger of taking time out is that I sort of go into free fall and I admit to sleeping in front of the TV for some time this afternoon. I really couldn't get out of that chair.

I have articles to finish writing, a shared quilt to complete, Dr's appointments, dinners with family and friends and just two days to fit it all in.

Yesterday, Keith and I took some time out to visit with friends in the small historic river town of Mannum. We ate  pasties and a cream bun and stayed in a 70's hotel on the river bank. It was all quite relaxing and a small hiccup away from work.

I got up early this morning and just sat and watched the galahs and sulphur crested cockatoos as they screeched their way through the crisp blue sky


Sulphur-crested Cockatoo IMG_8641
The days are short here as we approach the grip of winter, but I feel guilty saying that because the temperature rose to 20 degrees (70) and the day was clear and sunny.

I still feel the cold when the temp plummets to zero at night.

I found a vintage Australian quilt for $14 in a thrift store and I've just washed it and I'll share it in a few days…. another friend found a wagga. for about $16

"The term wagga rug is also applied to these quilts, although there is some debate over the appropriateness of its usage (see Jennifer Isaacs, The Gentle Arts, Sydney 1991, p.78). Originally made from hessian or flour sacks, the wagga derives its name either from the wheat growing centre of Wagga Wagga in southern New South Wales or bags used for the related brand of flour, 'wagga lilly'. The term was in common use by the 1900s."

The word 'Wagga' is an aboriginal word for 'crow' the town called Wagga Wagga,  means many crows.

This time next week I will have been in Cape Town for several days, I'm really excited at being invited back. (Actually I'm honored) I look forward to another amazing adventure…. (not the mugging I encountered) but the sharing and the vision.


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