Don’t miss it

It was a great day at the office yesterday.


There was standing room only in my lecture and I feel sorry that lots of people were unable to get in.

The students are so enthusiastic and  during a conversation at dinner last night I was made aware that it's  a similar story to other events all over the world "I waited up till midnight to phone and get my request in for classes and I still couldn't get in" !!!!!

I think there are about 800 delegates from all parts of South Africa here right now.

I'm almost half way through the tour the jet lag has diminished which makes sleeping easier and concentration a premium.

The sore throat is on the mend with a mountain of pills and potions and I'm raring to go.

It's difficult to put up photos due to internet connection so I will make an album for you to view…. don't miss it..!!!





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