Can you see the water?

The content of the blog has been a bit sparse over the past week due to the fact that I have been pretty darn busy.

Classes, family and preparation come first and even though I’ve done the classes many, many times I try to take time to re-view them prior to class…
OK, it’s not always possible but it does dip into my free time…. and to be honest some nights I just fell asleep.

It’s still dark outside and very very quiet… I thought this morning as I got up to work on the computer, “thank goodness for the sweater”  because it’s colder here than I remember.  It’s sure had a workout this visit.


I’m staying on a century old farm some 80 kms inland from Cape Town (I think)  The scenery is breathtaking. Undulating green fields are stitched gently to the base of the house which is set on a slight rise. There are huge grey and purple mountains in the far distance and a few quite close. The base is host to acres and acres of autumn toned vineyards.
I imagine from the air it looks like one giant patchwork quilt.

Twin Mushrooms

As I was writing this I thought of a conversation I had with the maid in our B&B yesterday.
We were standing on the small landing outside my room.

She leaned forward and touched my arm and said “Tell me what you see in an airplane? The lilt of her voice was so gentle.

There was a slight smile on her face and she beamed as I tried to describe mountains rising from clouds, the sun shining on a soft white horizon that floats in a pure blue sky.
The patchwork fields and the fact that you can see a city in almost one view.



“But what about the ocean” she said quietly…. “Can you see the water”?  I assured her that I could, sometimes I see Islands, and sometimes the lights of ships at night.

She’s young, with a 3 year old son and works casually as a maid. “Someday I will take my beautiful boy in a plane” she said quietly with a determined smile on her face.

I hope she can, I hope life is good to her, but somehow I think life may be a struggle.

I don’t take the beauty I see for granted and I will send her photos as she asked so she can show her beautiful boy just what it’s like in a plane.

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  1. Minka/Mindy says:

    Lovely post.

  2. ann says:

    I had my first flight after I turned 40, I was terrified and couldn’t stop sobbing on takeoff – then I caught sight of the beautiful clouds through the window. I have enjoyed many flights since, once at night I saw the lights of villages in the darkness, sparkling like diamond broaches, now sadly I have vertigo and I am trying to build up my courage again to fly, knowing I won’t be able to look down on the land. That lady sounds so innocent, we are lucky to have so many experiences.
    I love reading your tales of the countries you visit, thank you.

  3. Pam says:

    Ann, I love flying, I love the views and I never take them for granted… it’s a joy.

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