Alice Isabella

I decided to take Alice isabella on a trip to the farm this morning.

It was a bit difficult getting her out of her warm notebook bed, she was wrapped in a note paper quilt and her sheets and pillow slip are made from silk bookmarks

When I opened the book, there she was with just her little nose out of the cover, the paper quilt was pulled right up to her eyes and she made an Isabella whistling noise as she slept.. Well at least it is better than her singing.

She sleeps with her hat on and it gets a bit skew whiff during the night.


More tomorrow……..

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  1. adamsme says:

    Skew whiff? Must be an australian-ism.

  2. Pam says:

    It’s a colonial expression, meaning off side….
    It was used a lot by the Scots so in essence it isn’t really an Australian-ism but is quite a popular saying.

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