It’s happening.

Well  it's all about to begin.

Our major event.

I have a few radio and TV slots to do first thing in the morning, The vendors come in early as well and we set up the entire program.

This morning it looked quite forlorn, but tomorrow will bring about big changes.

All classes are completely full.

It's exciting.

I'll explain, this is my pay it forward event for the year. I donate my time to share my knowledge on quilting, the students come for one or two days and with about 30 vendors, food stalls, and other programs join us.

The volunteers have worked all year to make this a success and last year we raised $10000 for the young folk of the area…. this year I would love it to  be around $15000.

I'm inspired by their tenacity and dedication….

if you get a chance think of us over the next few days….


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  1. Suzanne Gummow says:

    Well done Pam – be wqtching the next story
    Enjoy the sunshine – its freezing here!! Colder in the hills where you live here in Adelaide
    Been keeping track of you – spoke to Keith last week at Guild – we all miss you
    Suzanne from OZ

  2. Pam says:

    Thanks Suzanne, It’s really exciting, a whole year of work and planning and to see it all take place is fulfilling.

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