It’s official


Summer 2011, a fitting theme for our trip. (it's actually my $3.50 Wallyworld Tshirt)

Lunch yesterday with our wonderful Quilt festival group was our first program on the agenda yesterday…. we were absolutely thrilled with the results, those gals worked so hard.

It means the three identification  units are able to be purchased and a Drug awareness program through DARE will help in the area.

Then the scary part… my stomach was in a knot and I felt like I was in a vice. I had to post 3 quilts to Birmingham.

Well, they've gone… and I did feel a little better as I waved them goodby. $380 for delivery folks…… gees Louise

Birmingham…..  Look after them.

Finally we got to take off at 3.30 pm and the drive was restful and calming after the events of the past couple of weeks.

The scenery was spectacular and we filmed for a documentary as we went. We followed the back roads and came across weathered wood, old barns, an occasional animal and very few cars. The sun shone through parted clouds in the evening making a spectacular display.

We're staying at the Hilton in Sante Fe, we have our own Cassita, and the decoration is like an "ah ha" moment….. I went from one thing to another in the hotel photographing the art work.

DSC04435 DSC04407
The plan today, Taos, Chimayo, and Georgia OKeefes Ghost Ranch…. we probably will only get to investigate on one place but we'll see.

Diet cokes packed… cameras charged… shorts on and money in the purse… we've located a quilt shop and the only thing that worries Lisa is that I keep trying to push foreign currency on the locals… Well I only did it twice…. 


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  1. Linda E in AZ says:

    You’re in some of my favorite country, so enjoy the places and the scenery! You deserve a rest after that wild schedule you’ve been keeping.
    thanks again for the Alamogordo workshops!

  2. Pam says:

    Linda, you’re welcome…. I had a ball at the class. We’ve been on the go all the time but sort of came to a bit of a halt at 5.00 tonight…
    We have a huge suite and we’re enjoying it.!!!!

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