Taos Pueblo.

It'd hard to keep up on the blog with all we've done, and I'm a few days behind with descriptions of the things we've seen.

We visited Taos and the Pueblo, it has been continuously inhabited for over 1000 years.


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I was a little surprised that there were shops within the peublo but then again I didn't do my homework properly.

The buildings, made of adobe blend seamlesnessly with the earth. The thick rounded textured walls gave wonderful textures…. got to put them into fabric.




Why are the colors so pleasing in this photo….well, I've examined them, I've taken 3 turquoise and 3 tan and they are opposites on the the color wheel…they compliment each other so well.


I'm not too sure what I will design from this visit…. I love the colors so I might just go with that…. Maybe a fabric design.



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  1. Terry Grant says:

    It has been interesting to follow your blog these past few days. You are following in my footsteps! We were in Santa Fe and Taos several weeks ago and I blogged about them and Chimayo very recently. Are you, by chance, heading to Canyon de Chelly and the Grand Canyon? If so, we are still right in sync!

  2. Pam says:

    Terry, we went to Chaco Canyon today….. it was amazing, tomorrow we head back to Alamogordo…. on to the next event

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