As I write this note I’m traveling down highway 380 from San Antonio to Carrizozo  New Mexico.


In the distance there are blue mountains rising from flat earth and the road is dead straight  disappearing into the horizon with  predicable  perspective.

The yellow line flicks past the car and draws us homeward.
Clouds are heavy with rain  and have dropped their bounty in small pockets.  In between the clouds are turquoise patches of sky giving the promise of a spectacular sunset.

The smell of pinon pine and cedar after the rain is strong  in the air.

We’ve just eaten Green Chili cheeseburger at  The famous Owl Bar and Grill San Antonio, our joint opinion is it was a disappointing  experience and most of the food was left there.

The temperature has dropped 20 degrees in the past 20 minutes, 98 to 78.

For two busy gals this has been a dream trip…. expensive, but still a dream…..we’ve got to the stage in life that we need good quality accommodation, transport and food. So it has a price.

1500 miles of amazing scenery. 

We’ve decided that our trip to Taos was extraordinary.

Visiting Chimayo


and the Peublo at Taos was different to the vision in my minds eye but that day has the vote as one of our favorite experiences. Was it because we had finally began to put everything behind us and relax… I sort of think so.

Lunch at Chimayo was a hit and miss occasion. We drove past the restaurant Rancho De Chimayo and I  urged Lisa to chuck a U-eeee.


What a good decision. We sat on the porch and shared Tortilla soup, fresh guacamole homemade tortillas and chicken quesadias…

Fabulous… I give this restaurant a huge shout out….

We stopped at will and visited galleries and I filmed and photographed just about everything I viewed.
I just love the thunder clouds, blue skies and the texture of wood.

The town of Taos held a huge surprise for us…. Delightly I share with you the wonderful fabrics and textiles I purchased at Common threads, uncommon fabrics.  An extraordinary  shop…. another huge shout out. Visit their web site if you can.


Day 3 held another breathtaking experience.

The Museum of Folk Arts…..

We could have spent the entire day in that one museum but time didn’t allow that. I’ve been to a lot of museums in my time on the road, but this one has to be one of the most spectacular.
Folk art and in particular textiles from around the world.

It's late and I'll finish it tomorrow.

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  1. Suzanne says:

    Your trip has been amazing…thanks for sharing it with us in blogland!

  2. Linda says:

    Pam, thanks for showing us NM through your eyes. I have been living there for 12 years, now; it’s nice to be reminded of its beauty. Thanks, also, for a wonderful class last week. I learned a lot.

  3. Pam says:

    Linda you are most welcome…. glad you enjoyed a glimpse of NM through my eyes

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