Seaweed, coffee and a health bar.

It's almost 10.00 pm and the heart has finally stopped racing.

I'm dining on roasted seaweed, coffee and a health bar for dinner.

The trip from Alamogordo to LAX went well.  (sort of) The hostie was the interesting, I happended to be right at the front… it looked as if she was a puppet going through the safety routine.. she forgot where she was in the dialogue and was putting the mask on when the man in the speaker was talking about the seat belt…, she stopped and checked her phone in the middle of the recitation… no one could see her but me cos she ducked behind the door….!!!

Remember all phones were supposed to be switched off!!!

We were taking off and she's checking her emails….!!!

We landed at a satellite hub and it was certainly interesting…we had to catch a bus to pick up our luggage and there we were amongst the planes taking off.

Row after row of humongous planes took off right in front of us… I hoped the bus driver had good brakes. He came to a stop just as a big jumbo lumbered past us on the right… there was an audible gasp from the rest of the passengers.

We drove in the opposite direction to the planes.. it was a little disconcerting as they continued to take off and we were on the road right next to them.

A sharp turn to the right and our driver came to a screeching halt. He almost collided with a private jet… Another audible gasp.

I picked up my luggage and went out to the shuttles and caught the bus to the Hilton…$5 for the trolley. (It used to be $3) many places in the world are free…!!!

When I got my cases off the bus…. one of my big red ones fell over… it only had 3 wheels instead of 4 !!!! was the other one on the bus….

I scrambled around looking for it to no avail.

I had to get the bell boy to take the luggage in because the case doesn't move on 3 wheels….!!! another $3.

I unpacked and the room was hot…. I couldn't find my internet puck that I had spent an hour on the phone re-configuring today because another company has bought the service….!!!!

I was burning up a sweat….. distress…

As I was looking for the puck… I found the wheel…!!!! inside the case,  which means it had come off earlier in the trip and someone had opened my case with the security lock and strap and put it in there …then locked it again…!!!!

Did they take my Internet puck…..?

An hour later I found it in another bag (just where I had put it) and I was still stressed and hot.

I turned on the internet… NO, it doesn't work… another  hour on the phone to a person I couldn't understand who finally told me to wait two hours and try again… "phone you I said"

"Yes" she replied… I figured she was leaving work then and couldn't be contacted…

Well, I will try the hotel internet…

Nothing… had the portable puck jiggered my computer?

Still stressed and hot and looking red in the face, I went down stairs with my computer…. The internet  worked which means there was no internet in the room.

So I shifted rooms… I tried to take the luggage myself but a 3 wheeled 50lb case doesn't work too well on the carpet.

So I paid another $3 to get my luggage shifted…

In my new room I couldn't find my toiletries… Oh, I left them hanging in the first room and I left the keys in there as instructed…. so I had to get security to unlock the door…

No it wasn't there… I was rather embarrassed but I did take the original keys out just in case. !!!!

Back in my new room. I found the toiletries in the bag….. sigh..

Coffee, seaweed and health bar and I'm finally breathing…

I have to buy a screw driver tomorrow to fix wheel to the case and I think I will add a little super glue….

OK, so I'm in LA… I need a haircut. I need to fix my case and I need a day to check classes…. I shift to Long Beach on Wednesday. Hopefully it won't be so stressful.




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  1. Chris John says:

    Aahh, the joys of travelling! Everytime you make it without drama from a to b be sure to reflect on days like this and be very thankful. Don’t take it for granted.

  2. Pam says:

    It was one of those days you just sort of sigh at the end of it and smile…!!!

  3. peg says:

    glad to hear you could finally relax at the end of day…hope you have several stress free days….

  4. Carolyn says:

    Opened your bag!! Hope it wasn’t the one with your cameras etc.

  5. peg says:

    i suppose they don’t know what a lock is for…..

  6. Pam Holland says:

    The cameras travel with me on the plane… but you know, you don’t have a choice… however, thankfully they put the wheel in and I was able to repair the case.

  7. Pam Holland says:

    It’s one of those things really

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