A good day.

Well, I'm still finishing off the roasted seaweed and mixing it with the breakfast cereal and coffee I bought today….

There's no law to say you can't eat cereal for dinner… (specially when you travel)

After the events of yesterday I was a bit concerned what the day would bring today.

I mentioned that I dropped my brand new Ipad 2 when I was in South Africa… it smashed the screen very dramatically and it was with trepidation I took it to the Apple Store today.

They took the smashed one and gave me a new one… I was so thrilled I anticipated a long wait for the repair.

I bought a screw driver and super glue and repaired the wheel on my case…so I feel much happier with life right now.

In discussing the Ipad… I share with you some of the things I was working on while flying yesterday.

I use the Ipad to manipulate my photos and now I intend to print the fabric and use it for the background of a quilt.

This image is wonderful….it was the reflection on a table top whilst I was having lunch the other day in Santa Fe. Putting it in a painted form creates wonderful colors and movement.


Here are a few others I'll put into fabric..


The fabric image would be wonderful painted with thread.


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