IQA Long Beach

What are these gals laughing at…. it's all a bit too much fun really.

I'm so lucky to have  wonderful friends to share quilting with me and still keep coming back….!!!!!

During lunch hour today I ran down to the show floor to photograph.

The place was buzzing, in fact at 10.00 am when the doors opened the entrance line was out the door.

100's of vendors, 100's of quilts on show, thousands of people buying everything from fabric to shoes…. and I was amongst the throng.

Did I buy more shoes?  -  love them.

Shredded Sari's, did I buy more.?

Vintage French and English fabric…. do I need it?

Interesting people.

Amazing things to see and share

It's a real buzz and walking the floor is exhilarating, even though I only had the lunch hour.

I had to eat raisin bran  10 minutes before we had to be back in class because I was so busy.


I highlight a stunning quilt, 'Spring Nouveau' by Heidi Lund, Bremerton Washington.



This is a link to the Special Exhibitions.

Show info flyer

There is still time to visit.


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  1. Chris John says:

    Love all your photos Pam. You capture the vibrancy which imparts a message of bustle and fun. Those quilts are superb works of art and the sewing machine is lovely. But it is those shoes I covert. They are simply scrumptious!

  2. Kathy Schattleitner says:

    Who sells those shoes. They are fantastic and I covet them. Your blog is also my first raead in the morning. Love it! Kathy S.

  3. peg says:

    i thoroughly enjoy starting my day with your blog….

  4. Jean Impey says:

    What a wonderful two days I’ve had with Pam Holland in her classes at Long Beach. She continues to amaze and impress me. I wish all teachers were just like her! Can’t wait to finish up my projects at home. Thanks Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! J

  5. Natalia says:

    You can buy these Mola Shoes at

  6. This is such an informative article and very clearly written. Every single thought and idea is direct to the point. Perfectly laid out. thanx for taking your time sharing this to you readers.

  7. I have returned home from several fabulous days attending the quilt show in Long Beach, CA.

  8. Those are colorful stuffs. It’s nice in the eyes.

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