What a day.




It's all over.

Was it just the other day that I arrived here in Long Beach?

3 days of high expectation, color,  inspiration and friendship. I shared ideas with lots of wonderful folk and I'm thrilled that I had met so many of you on previous occasions.




The bags are packed once again and tomorrow I head for Arkansas. I'm looking forward to working on our Hotel project and warm weather. I even bought new swimming togs. (In Australia, we call them bathers)

It's going to be in the 100's each day.


Even the chairs match the outfit !!!

I visited some really interesting booths at the event. 

Piquetrouver  being one of those today. 

The fabric and quilts were especially beautiful. How lucky we are to be able to view 19th century fabric and to actually touch it…. it's not in a museum, there is a possibility of owning one of these wonderful pieces.

When I visit a show such as this, I look for different things on the show floor and this year there were the wonderful Mola shoes that took my fancy.


These belong to me.!!!!!

Hand made applique shoes, what more could a Textile Artist ask for.

Then there was Leilani Arts

"We work directly with women's collectives who hand make our rich yarns in an interesting and humanitarian way: Silk sari factories in India donate unwanted silk trimmings and fabric scraps direct from the factory floors to local women’s cooperatives. The women sew the residual silk remnants together end-to-end to compose a continuous skein of silky ribbon. For our recycled silk sari yarns, the same women's co-ops shred the sari scraps and handspin it into a colorful, textured yarn, transforming factory fragments and waste into something useful and beautiful.

They are truly a green products that are also socially and environmentally friendly!"



These are mine too!!!!!

I get a lot of joy from these products, they are so beautiful  and maybe my purchase assists the artisan.

Internet friend Susanne took me to the local farmers market and I enjoyed the color and smells of the herbs and vegies… I can't eat them, but I do appreciate them. It was a great experience.


IMG_0361 IMG_0373

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