Flying high.

I'm writing this as I fly. It great being able to have Internet on the plane.

I'm just over Tuscon right now. The clouds are spectacular and the earth is streaked with shades of brown sometimes interupted by forest green circles of irrigated ground.

Some of the clouds form into high storm towers and its interesting to fly past them.

The hotel was vey quiet today when I left, it's rather sad to see the hustle and bustle finish.

Lets look at a few more quilts.

I will say that we had our own quilt show in my room the other night, I attached the computer to the Television and a group of us sat and looked at the quilts in great detail.

I really didn't photograph a lot because I had seen many of them at Houston and Cincinnati. I still think it's sad that I can't photograph the SAQA (Studio art quilt association) quilts. I think it would be an honor for people to want to study my quilts…. but the comment to one such suggestion on photography of the exhibition was that "Ordinary Quilters might copy them if they were photographed…!!!!!

I don't mean to be rude… but that was a comment to an email I posted on the subject in Houston.

Oi  !!!!

I really like this Quilt. The balance in color and design is well executed. Its a vertical quilt with good horizontal couplings.

I stood and looked at it for ages.

Love it.


Unfortunately it takes ages to post a photo on the plane, but I will add more tomorrow.

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  1. Cheri Love says:

    Thank you for saying what I was thinking about the no-photography policy. It’s very disconcerting to run into that after having traveled quite a distance to attend. The last thing I would want to do is copy someone’s quilt; I don’t have enough time to make up all of my own ideas!

  2. Julia Kelly says:

    I just joined SAQA- is the no photogrpahing a set policy with them?

  3. Pam says:

    Yes, I think it is.

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