Today has been interesting, its' still 101 (39) and its almIMG_0167ost 8.00 pm.

It reached 113 this afternoon (45) but I didn't notice it too much. I was in and out of hotels, cars and shops.

I had lunch at the purple cow… it's a wonderful 50's  reproduction restaurant, click on the photo to see the purple pie. !!!

     Now I wonder if you know what this is?

Or what about these?

Of course I particularly like the orange and black.

These are charpoy, and yes, they are quilted.

Let me explain what a Charpoy is.


Charpoy, which means “four legs”, is a rethink on the Indian daybed. This Charpoy has a handmade cotton and silk mattress embellished by precious crafted embroidery, in other words, it is a quilted top.

I'm working on the design of furniture for the hotel.

These charpoy pieces are designed by  2 men in Milan and are fabulous.

We discovered that most of the large pillars in the lobby in the hotel were made from 1" black mosaic dispersed with 1" gold leaf mosaic, some had been painted over and some had been boarded up. Renovation has produced a gold mine of 60's modern.

Furniture designed on this theme would look wonderful in our Textile Arts Department.

I also found this style of charpoy.

I love it….



I'm washing and testing towels, sheets, sampling shampoo and soap….

Its all rather interesting…

I found linen sent me as cotton is actually polyester !!!! they didn't figure on a quilter!!!


What do you think of vintage lino…..? NO not for the hotel… but another project.


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  1. adamsme says:

    Oh, boy, with you in charge of fabric and other selections, the hotel is going to be fantastic. Can’t wait. Lino – I am assuming you are talking about linoleum? It is definitely coming back into fashion. First of all, it is a renewable, eco-friendly material. Secondly, it is kind to the feet, as it is not too hard. Martha Stewart has also touted the wonders of this material and has done some interesting things with it, although her color palette is a bit too understated for my taste. We had linoleum in our kitchen when I was growing up and I remember it fondly. It was later replaced with vinyl goods, but I can still picture the old floor in my mind’s eye.

  2. adamsme says:

    P.S. What on earth are the linen manufacturers thinking when they send you poly and try to pass it off as cotton? Yikes. Glad you caught that one.

  3. peg says:

    pam i love all your ideas for the hotel…can you tell us more about this project…is this going to just be a hotel or will there be creative endeavors happening there….i know that is a lot of questions…oh, is it in little rock..peg in ks

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