A busy day.

The day begins with 2 poached eggs on rye and coffee…


But I've almost blown the days calorie count by eating a quesadilla for lunch.!!!!

Gees I just worked out that shrimp also has lots of calories.

Some special things have happened in the past few days…

A young man Tai Loben asked me to listen to the song he composed and sang. I got a bit emotional… my Dad was a composer and he would have loved to hear this piece.

Click to listen

I think he will be doing the score for our documentary…

I heard that we are going to have a new grand baby early next year and Jamie is off into the wilds filming in the North seas….!!!! it's never dull in our family.

Oh, and I had some amazing news about our fundraising event…. can't say yet but it blows my mind.

No quilting today but I'm doing designs for the hotel.

I was asked just what this project is….

Well a relative bought a 9 story hotel and it is being completely renovated to 5 star status, (we hope) its a steep learning curve, I'm learning about how to put a roof on…. tonight huge cranes arrive for more work.

The plan is to have retreats for Textile Arts at the hotel. It is a spa and will be very luxurious.

More later. !!!!

So I'm choosing fabrics and fabric art for our gallery and the art work around the hotel…Then there is the linen for the beds… and that I'm real fussy about. I'm able to give  suggestions on all sorts of things… it's rather exciting.

I'm packed for the trip to Birmingham on Monday and I have 3 quilts entered in competition.



The quilts for Houston leave tomorrow.!!!!

But I won't show them..


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  1. Wendy in Kennewick says:

    Love the song. That style would fit well with the Bayeux.

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